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Welcome to the NVSQ blog. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly is the preeminent journal of nonprofit and philanthropic studies and the journal of the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organization and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA). NVSQ has committed to an ambitious knowledge mobilization agenda and aspires to become a valuable means of connecting nonprofit research to practice and practice to research.  We know, however, that we do not have the capacity to achieve our goals single-handed and we are developing a number of partnerships with practice-facing organizations that share our ambition to connect research-to-practice and practice-to-research. Our partners include:

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This blog is one vehicle for translating the high quality research published by NVSQ into formats that increase its policy and practice relevance, reach and impact. Posts will be made by the NVSQ Editorial Team, NVSQ authors and practitioners, but we really want to hear from you. We encourage nonprofit policy and practice communities to leave comments, feedback and suggestions for issues and topics you think we should be covering.

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